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  • Your first line of defense. Our immunity boosting drops are designed to boost immune function and fortify your defenses. Use daily as a preventative, or take at the first sign of illness. Using a combination of natural extracts proven to boost immune function and rebalancing adaptogens in an alcohol-free formula, it's easy to use wherever and whenever.

    The formula contains Echinacea, immunostimulant and one of the best documented herbal immune supports. It has been shown to increase the white blood cell count and a UK study found it could reduce the combined number and duration of cold episodes by an average of 26%.

    Immunity: Echinacea has been proven to reduce the duration and severity of a cold, as well as increase white blood cell count.
    Stress: Stress is the biggest threat to your natural immune function. Our blend of tailored adaptogens work through your bodies key control centres (HPA axis and SAS) to modulate response.

    How to use:
    The alcohol-free, unflavored formula can be dropped straight underneath the tongue for fast absorption or mixed into any liquid. Use 6-12 drops daily as a preventative or as needed.

    30 ml

  • Purified Water, Glycerin, Echinacea, Siberian Ginseng Root (Eleuthero), Mistletoe, Rosemary Leaf, Schisandra Berry, Citric Acid*, Potassium Sorbate*.

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