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  • Our Custom Application Brush is an innovative vegan & cruelty-free brush uniquely designed with three wells so you can effortlessly mix your makeup and skincare products for a flawless finish. This ultra-customizable brush allows you to create your own beauty formulas and saves you time by combining three steps into one. The first-to-market design also ensures you avoid unwanted mess and product waste, creating a perfectly blended finish every single time.

    Your Formula For Beauty.

    How to use:
    - Choose up to 3 Cover FX liquid skincare and/or makeup products.
    - Add 1-3 drops of each product per well. Do not add multiple products to the same well.
    - Apply to face, gently buffing in circular motions or sweep all over depending on desired finish. Can also be used on d?colletage. Note: For full coverage, add foundation into two wells and your choice of makeup/skincare product into the third well.

    For best results, wash regularly with soap and warm water. Clean as you normally would any makeup brush.

    Suitable for All Skin Types. Vegan & cruelty-free.

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