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  • Lime Crime celebrate their 10th Birthday with a limited edition, old school palette for eyes and face featuring a rainbow of pressed, full pigment and glitter shadows in four finishes - iridescent, shimmers, matte sparkles and glow.

    Inspired by Lime Crimes colourful past:
    CLOUD: Rainbow iridescent shimmer
    BLUE SKY: Sky blue shimmer
    RSVP: Golden peach matte sparkle
    TWONICORN: Lavender iridescent shimmer
    GRASS: Bright green glow
    LIME CRIME: Lime green matte sparkle
    ROSE BURST: Fuchsia rose shimmer
    FROSTING: Soft pink matte sparkle
    CANDLES: Glowing yellow shimmer
    LIBRA: Vibrant violet glow
    TEN: Poppin orange glow
    WRAPPED: Midnight blue glow

    0.36 oz / 10.2 g

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