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  • Struggling to switch off after a hectic day? Take an intergalactic approach to relaxing with SPACEMASKS. Inside each cosmic box you'll find five individually wrapped mask, simply slip the elastic loops over your ears and wait for the air-activated, self-heating mask to transport you to another (relaxing) dimension.

    Each cosmic foil mask is infused with jasmine to help lull you to sleep, ease tired eyes, tension headaches and reach a new found level of bliss in the evenings. We recommend keeping them by your bed to melt away the day's woes or in your hand luggage for some soothing 'me time' on a night flight.

    How to use:
    Unwrap each mask just before you want to use it. Slip the loops over your ears and pull the mask down over your eyes. The SPACEMASKS are Air-activated and will quickly warm up to soothe tired eyes and tension, while giving off a gentle and relaxing jasmine scent.

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