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  • Frizz-fighting with the next generation in hair dryers and multi-award winning! Rapid-quality drying, powered by T3 Digital IonAir technology for precise heat, a gentle wide airsteam and silky smooth!

    A customisable blow dry with its multiple heat and speed settings, plus a volume booster. Intuitive too - the auto-pause sensor halts airflow when you release the handle if you need to readjust your brush angles!

    - Section the hair into three or four-inch sections, holding each section two thirds of the way down and pull taut.
    - Dry by pressing the power switch to select air speed and the temperature gauge to select the desired level of heat then aim dryer downward over each section and rough dry hair until it is 80 percent dry.
    - To smooth, place a barrel brush underneath the first section at the roots and pull down, directing the airflow at the brush when you reach the ends, roll hair back up to your head and hold. Continue styling this way until the section is dry then move on to the next section. Finish with the Cool Shot to set your style.

    Goes with Soft Curl Diffuser

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  • - Two speed settings
    - Five heat settings
    - Cool shot button
    - Volume booster switch
    - Auto pause sensor when you release the dryer handle
    - Drying Concentrator to dry hair quickly and evenly with a wide volume
    - Styling Concentrator styles one hair section at a time
    - Long-life motor
    - Nine-foot cord and cord wrap
    - Compatible with Soft Curl Diffuser

    - Do not wrap the power cord around the dryer as this may damage the electrical wiring.
    - Consult the enclosed user guide prior to use.

    Measurements L 241mm x W 76mm x H 181mm

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