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  • Truly bedazzling shades inspired by spring time paradises with vibrant jewel tones and bright pops of colour. A collection featuring classic neutrals along with seasonal tones of full pigmented powder to deliver a wide range of shades to create your ultimate vacation look, however bold or shimmering you feel!

    Includes 14 shades, from top left to bottom right:
    SAILS: Matte white
    YACHT: Duo Chrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift
    SEYCHELLES: Metallic aqua marine
    PALERMO: Metallic jewel pink
    SEASIDE: Duo Chrome silver with a subtle blue shift
    INHERITANCE: Metallic true gold
    MEDITERRANEAN: Metallic sky blue
    ESTATE: Matte soft pastel peachy pink
    CABANA: Matte muted birch mustard
    COASTLINE: Matte pastel soft peach
    BAHAMAS: Matte bright bold candy hot pink
    MONTE CARLO: Matte cool mid-tone pink
    CANNES: Matte bright violet purple
    PALM: Matte dark chocolate brown

    14 x 0.02 oz / 0.5 g
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