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  • The CLARIFYING SPOT TREATMENT UNTINTED is a transparent anti-spot gel that addresses imperfections and impurities at the source, immediately reducing the appearance of redness and the size of blemishes. Packed with antioxidants and formulated with an active complex of Macular Biofluids, Tea Tree Oil and Zinc Oxides, Dr. Barbara Sturm's CLARIFYING SPOT TREATMENT UNTINTED quickly reduces the appearance of spots from the very first application. THE CLARIFYING SPOT TREATMENTS are also available in 3 tinted shades 01-03.

    - Helps to diminish unwanted impurities and reduces the appearance of breakouts
    - Comes without tint, thus is perfect for use at night, during the day or if you want to apply it under your own tinted make up
    - Bioflavonoids and Tea Tree Oil helps to reduce the appearance of spots, blemishes and redness

    How to Use:
    Using your fingertips, apply topically to reddened areas or spots and pat gently into the skin.

    Dr. Sturm's Notes:
    "In response to years of my patients' questions regarding adult acne, I formulated a collection specifically for skin that's prone to blemishes and break outs. The Clarifying Collection has it all - complexion-perfecting ingredients, necessary hydration, help rather than harm for skin barrier function, and anti-aging compounds that fundamentally improve the health, quality and appearance of the skin matrix." DR. BARBARA STURM

    0.5 fl oz x / 15 ml.

  • Zinc, Vitamin B3, Jojoba Oil, Panthenol, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Bioflavonoids, Tinting Pigments (Iron Oxide, Tin oxide), Talc.

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