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  • Dr. Sturm's Repair Hair Mask was formulated for intensive, targeted repair and care for dry or damaged hair. Cationic Hyaluronic Acid and organic Shea Butter provide long lasting softness, suppleness and shine making the hair instantly moisturized and manageable. Hemi-Squalane, a clean, plant-based substitute for silicones, prepares the hair for styling and a special complex of Algae and Lavender Extract calms and rebalances the scalp. Pro-Vitamin B5 smooths the hair's outer layer without weighing it down and Sunflower Sprouts and Tara Extract protect against heat, impurities, UV stress and color fade. The result is visibly nourished, silky-glossy and healthy hair.

    - Organic Shea Butter provides high-quality care and moisturizing benefits and leaves dry and brittle hair soft and manageable.
    - Laminaria Digitata, Chlorella Vulgaris and Lavender Extracts work together to rebalance the scalp's microbiota. Dandruff is reduced while dryness, irritation and itching is immediately soothed.
    - Hemi-Squalane (Olive) is a plant-based silicone replacement which reduces frizz, provides color and heat protection and makes hair silky smooth and easier to manage.
    - 100% clean and vegan formulation.

    How To Use:
    Massage into wet hair after shampooing, allowing 1-3 minutes for the ingredients to be absorbed. Rinse thoroughly.

    Molecular Hair + Scalp Collection:
    "Dr. Barbara Sturm is on the forefront of formulating scalp and hair products that consider the integrity of the scalp microbiome, which is the foundation to having a healthy scalp and hair - regardless of hair type and texture. Dr. Sturm's innovative anti-inflammatory skincare approach has brilliantly evolved into a simplified scalp and hair collection filled with active, high-quality botanicals free from irritants and ingredients that disrupt the scalp's microbiome. I am especially thrilled that high quality glycerin was integrated into the full collection, which will help lock in moisture for both the scalp and hair."

    200 ml

  • Sheabutter, Panthenol, Purslane Extract, Cationic Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Seed Sprout Extract, Tara Extract, Green- and Browne Algae Extract, Lavendar Extract, Hemisqualane.

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