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  • The down to earth, more acoustic, rebirth of the ultimate grunge palette - a modern revamp for Venus fans. Softer, goddess-worthy looks with 18 shades of this ultra-buttery, highly pigmented range of deepening browns, poetic pinks, mythical neutrals and lush sage greens in four finishes that you can use alone or layer and blend beautifully for graceful glamour.

    IN BLOOM: Muted rose (matte)
    CROWN: Icy champagne (foil)
    SAGE: Sage green (matte)
    THORN: Cocoa with blue sparkle (metallic)
    RIPE: Warm terracotta (matte)
    FORBIDDEN: Peachy copper (metallic)
    STELLA: Pink champagne (metallic)
    MYTH: Silvery green (foil)
    EVE: Mauve rose with multi color sparkle (foil)
    LAUREL: Olive gold (metallic)
    RADIANT: Peach pearl (sheer iridescent)
    IVY: Glazed green with pink sparkle (metallic)
    WEST: Warm brown (metallic)
    OBSCURE: Soft neon green (sheer iridescent)
    MYSTIC: Soft blush (metallic)
    PHOENIX: Rust (metallic)
    LOCUST: Green-brown shift (metallic)
    CLASSICAL: Plummy brown (matte)

    0.9 oz / 26.28 g

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