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  • An anti-stress supplement delivered in the form of a fragrance. Developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system, Functional Fragrance is designed to help you reset and re-center at times of high stress. Smells like: Clean, woody, spicy and smoky. Made with Green cardamom, Iris, Palo Santo, Violet + Cedarwood.

    How to use:

    Spray onto wrists and neck. Use daily, or at moments of high stress to reset and re-center.

    60 ml

  • Alcohol, Cardomome Verte SFE, Cardomom, Bergamot, Cilantro, Myhrr Oil, Myrrhone, Orris Firabs (Iris), Violet, Jasmin, Cedarwood Oil, Musk, Palo Santo, Ambrox, Guaiacwood.

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